Love Quotes

Love is the most important and treasured of all emotions or sentiments. It makes the heart go all gooey, and it makes a person feel amazing. To all those who say "I love you" with no idea of what it means,

here are some thoughts for you

What is love?

When we say that we love someone, are we right? How do we know?

In the presence of the supposedly beloved:

​1). Does your hand sweat, your heart races, and your voice refuses to come out?

​This is not is nervousness.

​2). You just cannot take your eyes or your hands off of him/her?

This is not is lust.

​3). Do you simply feel proud to be seen by his/her side?

This is not is luck.

​4). Do you want that person forever just because he/she is there?

This is not is loneliness.

​5). Are you by his/her side because you know that it is what he/she wants?

This is not is loyalty.

​6). Are you at his side but only willing to offer your affection or your hand?

This is not is confidence.

​7). Do you stay with him/her because he/she loves you and you do not want to hurt him/her?

This is not is pity.

​8). Are you with him/her because seeing him/her makes your heart skip a beat?

This is not is passion.

​9). You forgive his/her mistakes just because you care for him/her?

This is not is friendship.

​10). Would you say every day that he/she is the only person in your mind?

This is not is a lie.

​11). Do you feel like giving all material things to him/her?

This is not is charity.

​A culmination of most of these things may be found in love...but individually, these do not constitute love.

​So, When are you really in love?


  • The sadness of the beloved makes you suffer.
  • His/her grief, though you know he/she is strong, makes you mourn.
  • His eyes are able to see and touch your soup deep inside.
  • A blind and incomprehensible connection invades you and keeps you at his/her side simply attracting you to him/her.
  • His absence will sink into you like melancholy.
  • You have given him/her your heart and can give your life too.

If this is love,

Why do we love?

Why is love what we most want in life? Is it worth the agony and the torture? Why do we want to be in love so intensely?

The answer is simple.

When love is reciprocated, you do not feel pain, agony, and torture. You love him/her, want to be by his/her side, you are passionate about him/her, in lust, feel pride by his/her side and can simply not comprehend your life without that person.

When love is unrequited, just thinking about him/her makes you smile tenderly, but it hurts too.

Love is a cocktail of feelings. It will make you feel sublime, will hurt you, will give you a world of happiness too.

​Here, I have for you, love quotes that will inspire you and will make you want to fall in love, yet again.

I Love Him Quotes

Saying ‘I love you’ can prove to be a pretty Herculean task, especially if he refuses to say or declare it first. In those cases, the women have to steel themselves up and say it first. It can prove to be quite a task, but it will be simple for you if you try one of these love quotes jewels to tell him that you love him.

I love him for all that he is and for all that he means to me.

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His only defect is that he does not wake up next to me each morning. But still, I love him more with each passing day.

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I love him so that I want him to be the first person that I see each morning and the first whose beautiful voice I hear each night before falling asleep.

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Here, I leave an ‘I love you’ for him for those days when he needs to smile.

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Cute Love Quotes

Often it is impossible to express love with words. It is more than difficult to put into words what it feels like to be intoxicated with love. It may sound really corny, or a widespread topic but those who have been or are still really in love know that is true.

Apparently fearful of a romance, people often do not dare to say nice phrases to their loved ones. Fortunately, there are others who have dared.

I cannot sleep without telling you that I love you.

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Kiss me in black and white and fill my life with color.

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Sorry for the disorder. My life was not expecting the entry of a grand love.

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And slowly and steadily, you became the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with forever.

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Love Quotes for Her

Would you like to tell her that you love her? Well go right ahead and do just that with these amazing love quotes for her. Read on to find out more!

My heart is perfect because you have permanent residence in it, my love.

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You need to touch a woman’s heart, not her body; you need to rob her attention, not her virginity; you need to make her smile, not cry.

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You cannot imagine how important you are for my existence, my darling.

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Guy: Will you accompany me?

Girl: Where?

Guy: Where we can be happy for a long time.

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Good Morning Love Quotes

Would you like to get up each morning next to him/her and then whisper sweet nothings in his/her ear. Choose these good morning love quotes that are ideal just for that.

I woke up today and realized that my life was full of happiness because you are in it. Good morning!

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Good morning my love! You are always on my mind. I love you.

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Your happiness is the freshest breeze that I enjoy each morning when I get up.

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Good morning my love! I want that in this new day, God blesses you and accompanies you wherever you go.

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Love Quotes for Husband

Are you trying to rekindle the romance in your relationship? Do you want to seduce and husband and tell him you love him? Use the following love quotes and tell away!

There is no though that I have in which you aren’t there, honey. I love you.

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From all the moments in my life, the ones that I have spent with you are the most memorable and the best.

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I want to say ‘I do’ to you a million times more for the rest of my life.

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Do you remember our first day together? Our first shared look? Our first shared smile? I will never forget it.

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Love Quotes for Him

If you love him, do not wait and tell him now. Don’t know how to do that? Choose one of these love quotes and tell him!

If you fall down, I’ll help you to get up. And if not, then I’ll fall down with you.

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I condemn you to a hundred years of kisses and caresses in my arms for robbing my heart.

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A love message for you: You will always be the love of my life because my heart is made for you.

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I don’t want the sun, the moon or the stars. I don’t want jewels, or a fortune, or a mansion. I only want to be the only woman who always stays in your heart.

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Love Images with Quotes

Are you in love with someone? Would you like to send him/her some corny love messages? Well, your search ends right here. Here are the love quotes with images:

Tell me in what language you will understand that I love you, and I will learn it.

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Sorry if you do not hear my 'I love you', but it is very loud.

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I will love you so slowly, that it will last us a lifetime.

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I love you in a time that is not numbered.

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What is Love Quotes

What is love? You haven’t gotten an answer to this yet. And don’t expect an answer now. If it were something that could be defined, it would not be love. Here, for you are some love quotes celebrating love and all that it envelopes.

Love is to fall in love with the same person all the days.

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Love is giving something to somebody that you didn’t know you possessed.

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They say that to love is difficult. I say that it is easy. What is difficult is explaining why you love.

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Love is what I feel when I see you each time.

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Forbidden Love Quotes

To say that a particular kind of love is forbidden is to essentially say that loving is a sin. Love has many forms and cannot be limited. It is like the limitless sky, without an end, without a limit. Love quotes that celebrate the forbidden are:

Your heart says, yes. Your mind says, no. And you say I don’t know. But think about yourself, for the society's wishes are irrelevant.

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Forbidden love is the most addictive and the most dangerous love that exists in this world.

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You are my forbidden love…

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The forbidden love always has a special taste.

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Shakespeare Love Quotes

Shakespeare was the king of tragedy and romance. His writings are some of the best there are. His love quotes are a delight to all the lover’s around the world and inspire millions to love with a passion that his writings evoke. Here are some of his famous and much-celebrated love quotes:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 1, Scene 2 “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

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Much Ado About Nothing – Act 3, Scene 2 “Love goes by haps; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.”

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Antony & Cleopatra – Act 5, Scene 5 “The stroke of death is like a lovers pinch, Which hurts and is desired.”

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Henry VI Part 1 – Act 5, Scene 2 “She’s beautiful, and, therefore, to be wooed; She is a woman, and therefore to be won.”

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Distance Love Quotes

Distance can make you go crazy and can make the heart mourn relentlessly. Distance in love hurts. The best to do is take stock of your life and find some inspiration in it. Here for you are some distance love quotes to do just that!

The distance has no significance when the person is significant for you.

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You are the perfect person but are very far from me.

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The distance impedes hugs, not feelings.

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Only we know how we are together while being so far apart.

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Lesbian Love Quotes

No love is forbidden. Nobody in this world can decide for you, especially not whom you fall in love with. You yourself cannot decide that. It just happens. And when it does, no matter who it is with, it is a thing to behold. Here for you are some lesbian love quotes:

When you realize she’s the one, there’s no use waiting for the society’s verdict.

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I want to kiss you in the rain so that you get even wetter than you already are.

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I didn’t think about loving you. It just happened.

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Waiting for Love Quotes

Waiting for love can be a quite arduous task. You know you want it in your life and are not so patiently, waiting for it? Well, fear not! These waiting for love quotes will give you some inspiration and a lot more!

I have saved all my wishes for love for the day that it actually arrives.

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I don’t know if I continue waiting for your message out of love, out of habit or out of idiocy.

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They asked me to wish for something. I closed my eyes and wished for you.

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My Love Quotes

Every person has their own definition of love which comes from their past experiences. Mine too has a different significance. Love like you is loving someone for the first time. These are my love quotes:

Sorry, here you are truly loved.

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I'm still where I was when you left.

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If you are walking, walk with me to a place where there is no time.

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Delete my mistakes and accumulate my hugs.

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Fall in Love Quotes

Love does not have a cure. But it is the only cure for everything in the world. Falling in love is an amazing feeling. Everything feels beautiful when you fall in love. If you’re in love, you will relate these fall in love quotes.

I sit here in silence, thinking how I fell in love with you.

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Lift me to your heaven and don’t let me fall, for I have already fallen once…for you.

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There is no better teacher than falling in love.

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Love is an important part of life. Without love, there would not be any life to live. (This is not some cheesy line, just a plain hard truth.)

The great truths about life and love are sometimes difficult to express. Sometimes, a simple statement defines and communicates better than a thousand words.

I hope this article helped you realize your hopes and dreams and aspirations and added just a little bit more of love and spice in your love life; whether it is with your husband/wife or your boyfriend/girlfriend. I also hope that you had fun reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Thanks!